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Stay fit and energized during your stay in Luxjb Villas’ well-appointed private gyms. Whether you prefer cardio, strength training, or yoga, Luxjb Villas’ fitness facilities cater to all your workout needs. Privacy is the New Luxury!

Unlike crowded local gyms with pricey memberships, a home gym allows you to focus on your routine—there’s no need to share weights, stand in line for a treadmill or wipe someone else’s sweat off an old machine. And while an all-in-one home gym may seem pricey, the upfront cost will pay dividends in the long run when compared to monthly membership fees at your local fitness center.

Villa Mandarin los angeles

Best home gyms in Los Angeles

Visit LUXJB.COM to book our luxury villas in Los Angeles. Resort Style Luxury Villas for Vacation, Meetings, Events, Filming. Direct From Owner. Private Chef, Maid, Heated Pool, Cinema, Sauna, Gym & 24/7 Guest Support Team.


Los Angeles Villas with Gym By Luxjb

From the time you first set eyes on your potential LUXJB’s vacation rental, you should feel captivated by its presence. Luxjb’s Vacation Rentals exude class and style, even at a glance, and you should want to take a closer look.Don’t settle for hotel rooms. Browse LUXJB’s properties to see how you like them. Likewise, you should look for a villa interior that represents the level of elegance you want. After all, a great cover means nothing without captivating content for you to explore. Since you will live in this space during your stay, the overall design of the villa’s interior can have a significant impact on your experience. Make sure you never book a rental that lacks information, especially details about the interior. For a luxury experience, you want to know that the designers spared no expense and the villa itself has no imperfections to hide.

Best Vacation Rentals with Gym in Los Angeles by Luxjb

At LUXJB, we commit ourselves to providing the best possible experience for all our renters. Regardless of your needs and vision for your vacation, our dedicated staff will work hard to make every detail perfect. Our luxury villa rentals in Los Angeles are the picture of class and opulence. From their private locations to their stunningly beautiful designs and our top-notch private services, we are confident our luxury villas will provide you with the trip of a lifetime. Direct from Owner. Book & Stay at LA’s most luxurious villas.

Butler Service
Maid Service
Welcome Ceremony
Airport Transfers
Luxury Toiletries
24/7 Guest Support Team

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