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We want our guests to have a wonderful experience in our beautiful homes. However, please note that vacation rentals are subject to the same hospitality laws as hotels. In Los Angeles, there are strict regulations on vacation rentals enforced by LA City. Unfortunately, due to recent incidents in vacation rentals across LA, we’ve implemented policies to ensure the security, liability, and well-being of our property and guests. As part of our commitment to maintaining safety and health standards, we uphold a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1) Price depends on number of occupants. Rental price increases based on how many people are staying with you. To ensure the most accurate pricing, please provide the correct number of guests (including children) when submitting your inquiry. 

☝️If the infant is older than 2, should be submitted as ‘children’.

2) To comply with local regulations and to ensure the safety of yourself and others and our property, you must sign the rental contract, which will be sent via docusign; an E@contract reflecting the same rules as below. You must abide by the Los Angeles City Home-Sharing Code of Conduct. (Disclosed in the rental contract).

📌To receive the rental contract, you must provide your full name (as it appears on your ID) and e-mail address.

3) To comply with local jurisdiction, main guest (signee/payer) must be at least 21 years old to book the property.

4)💰Refundable security (damage) deposit will be charged anytime after booking confirmation. If there are no issues, security deposit will be refunded in full, after check out.

5) 🚫No self check-in: Our villa executives will personally greet guests at check-in and provide a walk-through of the house manual.

6) RENTER must be present during check-in to receive the keys.

☝️Passport or driver’s license is mandatory for check-in. The information on occupants’ IDs must correspond to the occupants’ names as stated in the contract.

☝️Any reservation determined to have been obtained under false pretenses will result in the denial of check-in privileges. If deceptive or misleading information, including the use of an invalid payment method, credit card, or identification, was employed to secure the reservation, access to the accommodation will not be permitted. Such actions may, at the discretion of LUXJB, lead to the cancellation of the reservation and termination of the rental contract, at any time, without any refund.

 7)🚫NO PARTIES. No loud music or portable speakers.

☝️All outdoor & indoor speakers have been disabled in compliance with City’s Zero Tolerance Policy.

8)⏳Quiet Hours: 09 pm to 9 am. Our properties are situated in peaceful, family friendly neighborhood.
☝️NoiseAware System Properties☝️NoiseAware does not record any conversations, only monitors noise levels.

9)⏰ Check-in is @4 pm, check-out is @10 am. Requests for early check-in and late check-out will be considered based on availability and may incur an additional cost.

☝️Unless a different time is agreed to by LUXJB, check-in shall be at 4:00 pm with a grace period until 4:30 pm. RENTER shall notify LUXJB if they anticipate check in will occur after 4:00 pm or check out will be earlier than 10:00 am. The RENTER is obligated to promptly notify LUXJB of any delays regarding the check-in time, providing notice at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled arrival.

10) CHECK-OUT: RENTER must meet with LUXJB to complete RENTER’s check out from the Property. Disregarding check out time may result in the application of charges against the security deposit.

☝️The security deposit will not be refunded in the presence of unpleasant odors or bad smells at the time of check-out, including evidence of smoking or vaping.

☝️Refrigerator should be left clean and free of perishable food.

11)☝️DAMAGES: Please promptly notify your host of any damage or malfunction so that we can repair or replace the affected item before the next guest’s arrival.

📌RENTER is responsible for the full replacement cost of any item, furniture damaged on the PROPERTY and replacement of missing items. If, as a result of RENTER’S damage to the PROPERTY, LUXJB has to cancel future reservations and/or is unable to accommodate future renters, RENTER shall be liable for any damages and lost profits to LUXJB associated therewith. 

12)🚫No extra overnight guests unless pre approved by LUXJB. 

👨‍💼👨‍💼 ADDITIONAL OCCUPANTS: Any increase in the number of occupants must be communicated to LUXJB in advance and may result in an increase in the booking amount.

13)☝️MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: The maximum number of people allowed to occupy the property is restricted to the number specified in your reservation, including children.

☝️If you book for a specific number of people, only that number of guests is allowed on the premises. Violating this policy may result in a charge of a minimum of $1,000 per unauthorized person per night, and LUXJB reserves the right to expel the entire party with no refund.

☝️GUEST HOUSE (VILLA PASHA): The Guest House contains the sixth bedroom. If you would like to gain access to the GUEST HOUSE, $500 will be charged additionally.  

14)☝️VISITORS: To ensure a pleasant stay for all guests, we kindly request that you communicate with us regarding any potential visitors during your reservation. Visitors are not allowed unless pre-approved by LUXJB. Any violations may result in immediate eviction without refund for the remaining rental days and forfeiture of the security deposit. Violating this policy may result in a charge of a minimum of $1,000 per unauthorized person per day.

SECURITY CAMERAS: Privacy and comfort are a priority for our guests. Please acknowledge that security cameras monitor the property as well as devices for monitoring excessive noise and capacity inside the home. (NOISEAWARE). Security cameras can be located on all angles of the exterior property, including pool & common areas. These visible cameras cover the front yard near the gate and garage, allowing guests full access to the monitoring system throughout their stay. However, the camera in the living room, facing towards the windows, and the backyard cameras will NOT be available to HOST during the guest’s stay.

15)👨‍🍳CHEF & OUTSIDE VENDORS: Private, in-house chef & maid & house keeping services are available, therefore, NO outside vendors, chefs permitted. Hiring any third party persons or companies for these services not through LUXJB or without LUXJB’s prior written permission are grounds for immediate termination of the Agreement and the forfeiture of the entire Rental Fee and the security deposit.

👨‍🍳CHEF: Rates vary depending on the menu & other variables. Min. 15 days advance notice is required. Final prices cannot be quoted until guest’s consultation. 

16) If you want the pool heated, must give 48 hours notice prior to check in. Extra: $400 for the first day, $200/per day, each day after. 

☝️POOL HEAT: 8 am to 9 pm. SPA HEAT: 5 pm – 7 pm. (Time frame may vary: 4-6 pm or 6-8 pm). SPA heating hours cannot be extended or adjusted due to its integration with the pool heating system. (As it’s an IN POOL-SPA).

☝️For safety purposes, pool/spa is off limits after 10 pm.

17) 🅿️ Maximum 2 free car parking. Sidewalks must not be blocked.

18) Airport transfer & luxury car rental: available upon request.

19) USE OF BBQ: Extra: $100/per stay (including BBQ essentials & grill cleaning fee). Please mention at time of reservation.

20) Cleaning fee on invoice is for standard “EXIT” cleaning. Poor condition may incur extra fees.
☝️Mandatory mid-stay cleaning for 5+ nights, $575 (start at) per cleaning, every 5 days.

21)🚫Events, commercial filming & photo shootings are not allowed. Please inquire for rates & policies for such activities.

22)🚭NO SMOKING, VAPING or HOOKAH. Property is equipped with smoke detectors and LUXJB teams will be notified instantly. Any evidence of smoking or vaping, including the smell of e-cigarette or vaping smoke in or outside the home, backyard, pool, front yard, will result in the immediate termination of the reservation without any refund. Additionally, RENTER agrees to forfeit security deposit and authorizes LUXJB to charge RENTER a minimum of $10,000 as a penalty.

The non-smoking/vaping policy extends to within 20 feet (7 meters) of main entrances, exits, and operable windows of the property, encompassing areas such as the driveway and backyard (poolside).

📌LUXJB retains the right to cancel the reservation, with no refund, both prior to and following the RENTER’s check-in. This is applicable in cases where substantial evidence suggests that RENTERS are likely to violate the terms of this contract and house rules, particularly the no-smoking/vaping policy, thereby posing a potential threat of damage to the property.

23) 🐶 No pets allowed at Villa Bond and Villa Pasha. Other villas are pet-friendly; please inquire for pet fees.

24) House rules violations may result in immediate eviction without refund for the remaining rental days and forfeiture of the security deposit.

25) WEATHER CONDITIONS, HURRICANES, STORMS, ACTS OF GOD, PANDEMICS, GOVERNMENT ACTIONS, FORCE MAJEURE: RENTER assumes the risks of any and all causes that may require the RENTER to cancel his/her reservation. There are NO REFUNDS for any occurrences whatsoever, whether natural, man-made, or other, including but not limited to, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms or other weather conditions, pandemics, biological outbreaks, any governmental actions of any sort, Acts of God, armed conflicts, or civil disturbances. The list is illustrative only and does not constitute an exhaustive list of occurrences that may cause a renter to cancel. Optional travel insurance is highly recommended for RENTER’S protection through a third-party provider. In the event any occurrence results in the cancellation of the booking by RENTER, LUXJB will not be held responsible for the RENTER’s cancellation nor for the refunding of any payments. LUXJB will also not be held responsible for reimbursement of payments from other services that the RENTER has hired. If any occurrence results in the RENTER being unable to leave the PROPERTY (e.g., due to inclement weather or a government lockdown), RENTER will be charged a minimum of $2,500+tax+fees for each night the RENTER stays at the PROPERTY. However, this shall not constitute a waiver of LUXJB’s right to retake possession of the PROPERTY upon demand.

📌These rules as may be amended from time to time, apply to all our services directly or indirectly made available online, through any mobile device, by email or by telephone. By accessing, browsing and using our website or any of our applications through whatever platform (hereafter collectively referred to as the “website”) and/or by completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions set out above.

These pages, the content and infrastructure of these pages, and the online reservation service provided on these pages and through the website are owned, operated and provided by LUXJB.COM and are provided for your personal, non-commercial use only.

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