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Whether you know it as LA or the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a city famous for the stars it attracts. As its nickname suggests, this area is where actors, producers, models, and photographers alike flock to be among their own. Then, when they meet and collaborate, magical things can happen in both reality and on the silver screen.

However, whether it be in print or film, these pieces would not be half as beautiful if it weren’t for the scenery available to their artists. If you are looking for the perfect setting for a film or photoshoot, this is just the place you want to be. Here are a few great spots to film around Los Angeles and a bit about the breathtaking shots you can get there.

1. Griffith Observatory

The Los Angeles skyline is an enviable view, and there is no better place to see it than from the Griffith Observatory. In addition to getting a detailed look at the stars above, you can also get a fantastic glimpse of the city in all its shining glory—especially after dark. The area’s trademark Hollywood sign is viewable from this location as well, making for a great location to get a full panoramic view of everything you could ever want to see in Los Angeles. Griffith Observatory plays a role in several films and photoshoots in the past, such as Rebel Without a Cause and La La Land.

2. Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is among LA’s top locations for fun in the summer sun. With the crashing waves close by and a sunset that many can only dream of, it is truly a privilege to photograph this site. Choose from angles looking out over the water, underneath the pier, or next to the famed amusement park. There is no end to the possibilities in this location, and you can create any number of scenes, both romantic and dramatic. As far as beautiful LA locations go, the Santa Monica Pier is a seasoned veteran.

3. The Bradbury Building

With its stunning appearances in popular movies like Blade Runner and The Artist, the Bradbury Building is also a spot to consider. This structure is an architectural marvel, with an atrium roof that lights up every nook and corner. Carefully crafted staircases showcase a historical beauty long thought forgotten. This vintage building also utilizes many intricate carvings along the banisters, providing each shot with decades of charm.

4. The Downtown LA Underpass

If you are looking for something more urban, the downtown underpass is another great place for filming in Los Angeles. This spot is right in the center of downtown LA, making it something that all locals have seen at least once. Film makers and photographers feel always find new and creative ways to present this interesting setting to the public.

5. Behind the Hollywood Sign

There are plenty of shots of the famous Hollywood sign from the front, but the view from the back is just as beautiful. From the top of this iconic mountainside, you can see the entirety of LA. While it takes a hike to get to this location, the shots you can get of the landmarks, skyline, and striking natural formations will make it worth the effort.

6. The Venice Beach Canals

For more historical landmarks near Los Angeles, consider traveling over to the Venice Canal Historic District. With several manmade canals and Italian-inspired architecture, this part of the area was specially designed in the early 1900’s to generate the atmosphere of Venice, Italy itself. Whether you opt to walk along its scenic pedestrian walkways or take pictures from the boats and bridges, you will get clear shots of grand palm trees and a beautiful sunset.

7. Union Station

The number of films featuring Union Station is ever-growing. Known for its stunning architecture and colors, this scene makes a great backdrop for a series of comedic and dramatic scenes. The lighting in this building also ensures that the setting appears well on camera. Regardless of whether you are looking to snap a few modeling shots or shoot a full scene for a new movie, this is certainly one of the top spaces to consider. Union Station is also located near Chinatown and the LA Civic Center. As such, it puts you in a prime spot to get all kinds of iconic shots.

8. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Constructed of stainless steel, the Walt Disney Concert Hall shines brightly in the sun during the day. At night, it reflects all nearby light to create a captivating sight for passersby. Because of this, this is another site that provides plenty of opportunities for both print and film. With its series of sharp corners and interesting curves, this building is an architectural achievement that anyone could enjoy looking at.

9. Huntington Gardens

Los Angeles has areas that are wonderful for photographing nature too. The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens are a quiet and peaceful setting, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown LA. As such, it is a great place to capture nature. These gardens receive constant care from a team of talented groundskeepers, keeping them bright, colorful, and healthy. Every shot you take is sure to be perfect.

10. LUXJB’s Extravagant Villas

But nothing screams luxury and sophistication quite like filming from an intricately designed villa. From events to filming to photoshoots, LUXJB has a diverse range of properties for you to use. These stunning homes are newly built and crafted with a modern luxury that you can only find in the City of Angels itself.

Our private photoshoot rental spaces have accommodated many multimillion-dollar shows and ad campaigns for companies like Netflix, Disney, Gillette, and P&G. Therefore, we are more than confident that the lush landscapes, clear pools, and royalty-inspired interior designs of these villas will serve you well during your own shoots. In reaching out to us, you are crafting a sophisticated experience for your actors, your viewers, and, of course, yourself.

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